Antlered Doe Video

Hard to believe, but this footage is actually a doe. He, err, she was harvested on November 29th, 2008. Story, photos and more video to come soon.

She spooked when she saw the IR glow from the camera.

I saw this deer on November 22nd, during the Illinois firearms season. At the time, of coarse, I thought it was a normal buck. Normal, except when I saw it the right rear leg was broken. This is I deer I normally wouldn’t take, but as it hobbled away I could see it was an injury that was certainly not going to heal. By the time I had an open shot it was too far away. I hunted the same area several times but never saw it again until a week later. In the creek bottom I found it again, this time in obviously worse condition than the week before. Unable to get close enough for a clean bow shot I had to get help from my friend Darren to make sure it didn’t get up the bank and in to the thick stuff. A bow shot would have been impossible there. He was able to spook it back in to the creek bottom where we were able to end it’s misery. It wasn’t until then that we realized it was actually a doe.

I felt relieved that its suffering was over, but we sure weren’t expecting to find female parts. From all indications the broken leg was a result of a car hit.