Website Help Wanted

Dec 04 2008 686 Comments »

Been doing this site myself but to be quite honest I have done about all I am capable of. I am looking for tips from anyone that can volunteer a little advice. THANK YOU!!!

Big Surprise…Antlered Doe

Dec 01 2008 686 Comments »

On November 29th, 2008, this antlered doe was harvested. More of the story to come, along with some pics.

Click on the link on top of the page to see a short video of this deer alive coming to a scrape.



More Video To Come!

Jun 04 2008 740 Comments »

At the present time we are attempting to gather more video of locked bucks, and there will be more of my own soon. Please check back often!

Rare Find- Locked Bucks

May 29 2008 656 Comments »

Finding locked up whitetail bucks is a rare find indeed, and coming across them both alive is even more rare, but that’s what happened in November of ’05. I have an abbreviated version of the video (hope to post more soon) under the ILLINOIS LOCKED BUCKS tab at the top of the page. Please feel free to reply to the video with your $.02. For the whole story please CLICK HERE. \